With a trained ear and an intuitive grasp of her clients’ needs, Amy is singularly driven in pursuit of her clients’ desires to sell at the best possible price, or to buy that perfect property. She makes it her business to get what her clients want.

Amy’s interest in real estate stems from a traditional upbringing that values real estate ownership and planting family roots. Born and raised in the tiny island nation of Taiwan, Amy had a long-standing yearning to explore the world beyond. Crossing the Pacific Ocean 6,500 miles away, she arrived and adopted the U.S. as her home, where a landscape of huge opportunity opened for her.

An incredible real estate career ensues.

Amy holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science and Engineering from DePaul University. Before delving into a successful real estate career, Amy was a software engineer at NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Agency), where she collaborated with a team of engineers and scientists of all disciplines to achieve the goal of “For the Benefit of All.” This was followed by a stint as a reliability lab director at a telecommunications start-up.

Resourceful, a master in problem solving, and skilled in risk management, Amy is quietly recognized as one of the best-trained negotiators in town.

Amy treats every aspect of real estate – from listing to selling a home – as launching a new brand in the marketplace. With extensive experience in preparing, planning, coordinating, marketing and selling urban homes, she narrows in on the correct target audiences and packages the property to fit their desires.

Amy knows her inventory. She uses the matrix of supply and demand in the context of market trends to help clients buy their dream homes. Amy’s knowledge and expertise has cemented her reputation as “The Closer.” Her clients expect the deal to close and she delivers what they want.

In a “world is flat” era, Amy’s fluency in Mandarin Chinese and Taiwanese, coupled with a unique focus in the bedrock of Silicon Valley – up and down the Peninsula in the San Francisco Bay Area – has found her a diverse clientele in a class by itself. Increasingly, international investors’ quests for integrated solutions have enabled Amy to foster strategic alliances with some of the finest experts in the field, including finance, legal, immigration and International Real Estate tax, to accommodate the growing demand of connecting clients in the realm of global networking in local communities.

Active in community service, Amy is a former PTA board member of Duveneck Elementary and Jordan Middle schools in Palo Alto. Currently, she serves as the Palo Alto District Education Chair of the Silicon Valley Association of REALTORS®, promoting professionalism and global outreach.

Amy lives with her family in Palo Alto. An amateur ceramic artist and a news junkie, she also enjoys hiking and reading mysteries. A cook and a gourmet food lover, she enjoys good company, good food, and good laughter!

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