23 Single Family Homes are offered for sale as of today. Price range from just about $1M to slightly over $17Million.  On the average, the homes are on the market for approx. .62 days. In real terms, homes are usually on the market for one week. Those that lingeris around for over 30 days,  market usually works its way to pressure those homes to settle for less.

I watch market movement for a living. I advise sellers to set the list price to achieve  a huge return for the sale of the house. I also advise buyers to pick the best homes to fit what they are looking for.

Homes that I’ll recommend to my buyers:

A Starter Home.

2251 Harvard Street. At $998,000, buyers are advised to be prepared to shell out a few hundred thousand more to stand out on the OFFER DAY.  The home is a great entry level home for someone who is looking to purchase a first home after minting a degree and/or a year or two working in the area. It’s a small home of less than 800 sq. ft. with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. But it beats to rent. Further more, it’s in the COLLEGE TERRACE area where Stanforders hang out and lingers.

Excellent Location.

1919 Ivy Lane. This home was introduced to the market since last Sat. That means the home is first open to the market. A Broker Tour on the following Friday then follows. Most agents take their listings public on Wed’s or Thur’s in time for the FRIDAY BROKER TOUR. This is a highly calibrated process designed to capture the biggest exposures possible. This home is typical of its neighborhood with a 4 bedroom/3bath configuration. The draw of homes in this neighborhood is the elementary school. Duveneck Elem and a charming neighborhood look and feel.


Palo Alto is not known for newer homes nor move-in ready homes. Homes are most often built in the 50’s and 60’s. Newer homes are a recent phenomenal and are usually appreciated by those who are looking to find a home, and move in without having to REMODEL.

Two homes stand out in this category:

514 Rhodes Drive, and

3105 David Ave.

* 3081 Ross Road just made it to the market today and I have yet to tour the home to see it myself. The home is located in a location loved by many who like its proximity to the Y and the fact it’s a brand new home has its draw.


1945 Byron Street. Don’t bother to tour the home. Check out the location and the dimension of the lot. If this is the location you desire and you are thrilled to have a home built to your spec’s. This is yours.


722 Ashby Drive and 619 Tennyson Ave are fantastic buys if you have $5M ready to go. And if you are really into the high-end, ti’s not everyday that a lot of 20,000 sq ft is available for sale.

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